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Piled foundations may be required due to weak soil conditions, high water table, adjacent trees, underground drains or services, subsidence

Neil Foundations on site rig work.

Expert Foundation Solutions for Domestic Needs

Perhaps you are constructing an extension or conservatory and the local authority has advised you that you will need reinforced foundations. Or perhaps your property is affected by subsidence. Whatever the problem, our 30 years’ experience means we can solve it quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
We can provide site specific design and engineered foundations using our specialist restricted access piling equipment manufactured for working in a domestic situation.
Driven, Auger, CFA, Rotary or Grundomat piles reach suitable load bearing substrata, as a quicker, cheaper and more reliable alternative to conventional deep trench foundations.

Organising the Project

We can design the foundations and provide the calculations and drawings you will need for Local Authority approval.‍Don’t worry if access to your property is restricted. We specialise in these types of project and have small rigs to suit.‍We would be happy to visit site to talk you through the process and our requirements.

Regulations & Insurances

Most new building work, including extensions and conservatories, require planning permission and compliance with building regulations. If you have any doubts you should contact your local council before starting work.
We have Public Liability and Employers Liability insurance to £15M, and Professional Indemnity to £5M.
Party Wall Act 1996
If the work is adjacent to a party wall or boundary, the Party Wall Act says you must inform the owner of any adjoining properties before starting work. If your neighbour(s) rents the adjoining property you will need to inform the landlord(s) as well.
Two massive construction vehicles are parked in front of a building structure.

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