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We have a range of equipment to construct different pile types to suit project size, access restrictions, soil types and pile loads.

Continuous Flight Auger Piles

250mm – 750mm to 25.5m depth

This is a cost-effective way of piling through made ground, sands, gravels or any unstable water bearing strata, eliminating the need for temporary casing and Tremmie techniques.

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Auger Bored Piling

150-750mm diameter to 25.5m depth

This piling method is ideal for use in cohesive soils. The rotating auger screws into the strata reaming out the soil. Once the required depth has been achieved the steel cage and concrete is placed.

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Driven Cased Piles

There are many advantages to driven cased piles. They are simple and economical to drive with an internal drop hammer. They provide flexibility as piles can easily be cut or lengthened and casings can be supplied in any length and in a wide range of diameters. Casings are light but rigid enough to be transported and handled without the precautions needed with precast concrete piles. Cased piles can be installed in difficult site conditions.

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Grundomat Mini Piling

The Grundomat or mini driven rig uses 150mm casing and is suitable for use in and around buildings. This air-driven system vibrates steel casings down to strata that give suitable resistance. Casings are welded in small sections on site to attain the required depth and subsequently filled with concrete and steel reinforcement. This rig can operate in very restricted headroom and limited access situations. This method of piling creates no spoil to remove from site.

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