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Casings are light but rigid enough to be transported and handled without the precautions needed with precast concrete piles. Cased piles can be installed in difficult site conditions. Used on sites where soft soils overlay more competent strata, permanently steel cased piles are driven with an internal drop hammer to achieve a solid set at depth. Suitable reinforcement is then added and the casing filled with concrete.

This is a displacement pile and creates no arisings. It is particularly useful when piling in contaminated ground as the expensive disposal exercise is avoided. It is also of use on restricted access sites when the removal of spoil is particularly awkward.

With the optional auger attachment, piles can be pre-bored through harder layers before driving casings. This reduces surface vibrations to neighbouring properties.

Smaller diameter driven cased piles are often used in domestic situations and concerns regarding vibration should not rule out this application.



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