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Other Services

From design knowledge, site investigations or to avoid tree roots or drains, NFS has the knowledge and skills to get the job done.


We can provide a detailed engineered foundation design from drawings provided by your architect for submission to the Local Authority. All design works are backed by a £5m professional indemnity insurance.

Where we carry out the design of the foundations we are able to plan the scheme to suit our capabilities, ensuring we can offer a cost effective solution.

Site Investigation

For the price of a small geotechnical survey you can reduce the risk of the cost of your project rising above the original price quoted. It is important to establish the strata that foundations are to extend into prior to the commencement of the project to ensure the correct foundation method is utilised.

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Piling to avoid tree roots and drains

Piles can be used instead of traditional foundations to avoid damage to tree roots and drains. If the roots are thought to be close to the surface lightweight rigs can be placed upon layers of mulch (bark) or sand and then ply sheeting to avoid point load damage.


  • Pile integrity testing to ensure that the piles have no cracks or voids in them.
  • Pile Load Testing to ensure that the piles are capable of carrying the design load.
  • Concrete Cube Testing to ensure that the concrete used has achieved its designated strength.

We can implement preliminary or working pile tests and investigate sites to establish the best, most cost-effective method of constructing foundations.

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