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Retirement Complex, Wateringbury

We recently completed a project for Jenner Construction which consisted of 2 visits to construct a new care home and retirement apartments in Wateringbury, Maidstone Kent.

Visit 1 – using our Soilmec SR30s to install 187 No. 600mm diameter contiguous wall piles and 10 No. 450mm diameter high level bearing piles.  The contiguous wall was to retain the existing road.

The rig was removed from site, allowing the ground worker to install the capping beam and reduce the level, forming a low level piling platform for us to install the remainder of the bearing piles.

Visit 2  – we returned to site, this time with our Soilmec SR30 Evo to install 137 No. 450mm diameter bearing piles and 8 No. crane base piles totalling 2150Lm.

Throughout the entire project we encountered challenging ground conditions consisting of limestone and mudstone layers from as little as one metre below the piling platform, depths ranging from 600mm to 4 metres thick.  Every pile was constructed using a rock ripper head.  The pull down winch on the rig was used to ensure design depths were achieved.