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Buckingham House High Wycombe

Carried out for Toureen Contractors.

Inland Homes, Central Square.

87 No. 600mm diameter Contiguous Wall Piles, totalling 1250 Lm (linea metres).

All approximately 13 metres deep, full depth 7x B32 reinforcing.

20 No 600mm diameter bearing and temporary works piles from high level.

All installed using our Soilmec SR30s piling rig from a high-level piling platform to retain the existing road level, and installed around the existing foundations of two old gas holder tanks which were approximately 7 metres below existing ground level.

On completion of the wall, the rig was moved to a lower level piling platform and installed a further 200 no. 450mm diameter bearing piles total 3363 Lm with the average depth of 17 metres.

All work was completed with 27 days piling with a total of 5½ weeks on site.